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Body of Christ Family Church
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Double W.O.W. Women's Ministry

Double W.O.W.  "Women of Wisdom~Women of Wealth" is a ministry inspired and designed by the leading of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ to empower women of all professions and backgrounds to be great in the Kingdom of God.

Our focus is to impact, activate, and mobilize gifts of the Spirit in order to assist in raising up strong, energized (radical) women in Christ. We are committed to loving, caring for, helping and highly esteeming each other so that God  will be glorified.

Please come and join us as we endeavor to move at double speed to train and equip women for life, both naturally and spiritually and to grow in Grace to become and represent the Body of Christ on earth.

Our mission is to become One Vision in love, goals, focus, faith, and fervent in spirit serving the Lord.

A prosperous lifestyle for praying women.... WOW!